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Terms and Conditions

1. Scope of Services:

Bakhtech Solutions offers professional web design and development services. The scope of work, deliverables, and project timelines will be defined in the service agreement or project proposal.

2. Client Responsibilities:

Clients are responsible for providing accurate information, feedback, and approvals in a timely manner to facilitate the successful delivery of services. Any delays caused by the client may impact project timelines.

3. Intellectual Property:

All intellectual property rights associated with the services, including design, code, and content, shall be owned by Bakhtech Solutions until full payment is received. Upon payment, these rights are transferred to the client, excluding third-party materials.

4. Confidentiality:

Both parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of all project-related information, including but not limited to business strategies, proprietary information, and project details.

5. Payment Terms:

The total cost is divided into two installments:

  • The first payment, totaling 60%, is due upon contract signing and before work commencement.
  • The second payment, covering the remaining 40%, is due upon website completion and prior to launch.

6. Additional Features:

Customizations beyond the package scope may incur extra charges. Any additional features will be discussed and agreed upon separately.

7. Content and Materials:

You are responsible for providing content, images, and materials for the website. Our content creators will craft compelling content using the materials provided.

8. Website Hosting:

Hosting is included in the package, but additional hosting-related services may incur additional costs.

9. SSL Certificate:

The included SSL certificate is valid for the package duration.

10. Website Revisions:

You are entitled to 3 revisions during the design process. Extra revisions beyond this limit may incur additional charges.

11. Project Timeline:

A completion timeline will be provided upon signing the contract. Delays due to content or feedback may extend the timeline.

12. Ownership and Copyright:

After the final payment, you own the website and its content. We retain the right to showcase the project in our portfolio.

13. Support:

Free technical support is available post-launch for a specified period. Extended support may have associated fees.

14. Cancellation:

If the project is canceled after work begins, the first installment is non-refundable.

15. Amendments:

Inform us of any changes within 5 days of the initial presentation. Changes requested beyond this period may require additional charges.

16. Payment Deadline:

Payment must be made immediately after the website presentation. Delayed payment may result in website unavailability.

These terms and conditions are binding upon signing the contract, and any concerns or clarifications should be addressed with Bakhtech Solutions at